Crazy Project Vintage 1960’s Kay Guitar into 12 fret large body 24 scale see pix


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This project originated when I wanted to make a large body 24 scale 12 fret with arm relief. I decided to make sort of a sketch out of an old Kay guitar. I have since lost interest in the project and wondered if anyone else might want to finish it. Almost everything on this guitar has been modified. Neck has been cut down to be the right length for a 12 fret. A truss rod was added as well as threaded inserts. Please note that because the neck was cut down it is a little narrower than it should be at the heel and neck pocket is a little oversized. The screws hold everything perfectly rigid so only a cosmetic issue. There is a paper template taped to the front of the guitar, which is the shape I was planning to use for the pickguard. All paint has been stripped off. Guitar body was sliced open at the left lower bout and a chunk removed, then heat bent to create arm relief. Neck angle has been changed in order to make use of a tall bridge, possibly an adjustable tall bridge, roughly 3/4 of an inch high. I made an earlier mutant guitar of this type and found that I really liked it with nylon strings. That might be the case here or maybe the metal strings will sound good. Hard to know it’s an experiment :-). There is some weird wood patching on the neck near the heel. If you decide to paint it, it will need to be opaque paint to cover all the experimenting. Please see photos.This used vintage item is sold as is.

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