Customizable Pine Tele Body (#0011)


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0011 – Radio Guitar Company Video will open in a new window Using the eBay App? Paste link into a browser window:[isdntekvideo]THIS SALE IS FOR A CUSTOMIZABLE “Tele” STYLE BODY! Body #0011 ( 2 Piece Eastern White Pine ) Radio Guitar Company hand tools guitar bodies in Bloomington, Indiana. Select the piece of wood you like from our available body blanks. From there we will communicate to align on your pickup and bridge preferences. Pickguards are also available. We can discuss this option and add any additional items to the order as needed (Pickguards, bridges, tuners, ferrules, pickups, etc). Please message with your selections from the list below. Keep in mind that certain bridge options will limit certain pickup selections (and visa versa). If you happen to choose incompatible options, we will reach out with suggestions/solutions that fit your project’s priorities. Body: Standard Tele Pickguard and Control Plate Thinline Style Pickguard w/o chambering (We aren’t currently Chambering bodies, but plan to add this option) (We aren’t currently offering Tele Deluxe and Custom options with Wide Range pickup cavities) Neck Pickup: Tele Strat P90 Humbucker Filtertron Charlie Christian (This works in a P90 route w/Charlie Christian Pickguard) Middle Pickup: Strat P90 Humbucker Filtertron Bridge Pickup: Tele Strat P90 (This route also works with Mojo Pickups “Lap Steel” style pickup, However, Standard pickguards will need modified) Humbucker Filtertron Bridge: Standard Tele Half / Short Tele (for use with non tele pickup in bridge position) Stop Tail Piece w/Tune-O-Matic Stop Tail Piece w/Offset Style Bridge Wrap Around (“LP JR” style bridge) Bigsby B5 w/Tune-O-Matic Style Bridge Bigsby B5 w/Offset Style Bridge Bigsby B5 w/Standard Tele Bridge Bigsby B5 w/Half Tele Bridge Offset (Jazzmaster) Vibrato w/Offset Style Bridge Offset (Jazzmaster) Vibrato w/Tune-O-Matic style bridge Offset (Jazzmaster) Vibrato w/Standard Tele Bridge Offset (Jazzmaster) Vibrato w/Half Tele Bridge Neck Pocket: Squared Tele Heel (We plan to add the rounded Strat style heel as an option soon) Roundover: None 1/8″ (Standard) 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ Contour: We aren’t currently offering contours. If you’d like contours, we recommend selecting “none” on Round-Over. This will allow you to shape and sand your own contour and apply your preferred Round-Over. –––––––––– Be sure to check us out on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for news and updates (Like/subscribe/share/comment)!!! Visit for more details, merch, and general information.

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