Fender Stratocaster Style Custom Body 3D Printed Spiderweb


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This is a Fender Custom Body that is 3D printed with Spiderweb Pattern printed Into the body. Condition is New. These are printed on demand and the buyer chooses the coloring. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. message me for colors and modifications, keep an eye out for new body’s. ===============IMPORTANT PLEASE READ==============As to point this out again for buyers. The pictures are 3d renders as I do not have a proper photo booth to take high quality pictures. What you will receive will be 98% the same as the picture. They will not be as shiny as the pictures or as clear as this is a limitation off the 3d printing process. At the current moment the bodies will be printed in multiple parts and then cleaned up to hide weld lines. I’m working on a 4ft cube 3d printed to aid in making these bodies faster and to remove the need to weld the parts together, what this means for the buyer is you will A get the body faster and B they will have zero weld lines so they will look a bit nicer. ===================Options and Colors================= As the buyer you will be given the option to order a body of any color you would like. what I will require is that you message me what color and I will order the filament, These bodies take 2 spools roughly and I order from amazon, this is apart of the wait time. I can do semi transparent for a extra cost as well as glowing filament as the martial that makes filaments glow eats brass nozzles. the semi transparent filament is a bit trickier to print with but looks closer to the render when its done, THIS DOES NOT MEAN ITS CLEAR AS GLASS. I can also make custom modifications to the body before I start the printing process, lets say you want single coils instead of humbuckers or a pool route so you can drop in what ever you like, the options are endless but range from 50 to 200$ extra depending on how complex the modification is. =======================Specs and notes=====================This body is made to fit with a fender neck that is a 25.5in scale. The bridge used for the modeling was a Standard Trem bridge but any should work as long as they align with the premade holes. The pickups for this body are Triple Single coils or SSS configuration. The martial used for the body is PLA, I can print in petg but this will cost more as it will literally weld the plastic to any glass surface when its molten. The bodies weight roughly 3.4lbs to 4.2lbs. =========================Questions========================If you have any further questions and would like to talk about them please feel free to send me a message though ebay messages on the listing and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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