MASSA Guitars USA Telecaster Guitar Body Marilyn Monroe 24 Karat Gold Leaf Top


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Color24 Karat Deep Double Gold Leaf
To FitElectric Guitar
MPNDoes Not Apply
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited States
MaterialTelecaster Guitar Body Only
Solid Sycamore Tonewood 2.7 lbs
BrandMASSA Guitars U.S.A
TypeTelecaster Model Body Only (by MASSA Guitars U.S.A

MASSA Guitars USA Telecaster Guitar Body Marilyn Monroe 24 Karat Gold Leaf Top Burst …………..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About ThisListing: Model Telecastertype: MODEL ” Marilyn Monroe 1962 Santa Monica Beach, CA ” Telecaster Body = 24K Real Gold Leaf Top serial/file # 1.19.21 ______________________________________________________________Comeswith my COA, serial/file # 1.19.21, when guitar body is mailed out, Iwill sign/autograph and add my business Corporate Inc. Stamp: MASSATARCreations, Inc.______________________________________________________________· Neck Pocket is … standard Tele measurements…. · 3 ” length· 2 & 3/16 inches …. or in mm = ( 56mm)width· 5/8 ” Depth____________________________________________________________________Back: 24 karat real Gold Leaf GiustoManeti Co., 100% real Copper Leaf, 100 % real Silver Leaf Giusto Manetti. Front: Basquiat Art….circa 1982….. Back: Marilyn Monroe, date photo taken 10/1962.. _____________________________________________________________________WOOD : Wood is SOLIDLightweight Sycamore Tone wood..( In the Family of Maple Tonewood… Light weight ) the Sycamore I usedis: ( Solid Sycamore Tone Wood * same maple that is used to make Violins ) . : weighs only about 2.7 Pounds( weighs only about 2.7 Pounds =very light ! and Resonant, sounds great ) WITH Real 100 %” 24 karat real Gold Leaf GiustoManeti Co., 100% real Copper Leaf, 100 % real Silver Leaf Giusto Manetti & Rose Gold Variegated Star Leaf….. Made by MASSAGuitars U.S.A : Signed MASSA………… this sale is for the BODY only. All other parts photographed are for demonstration purposes only. * Designed, handpainted & Handmade made by MASSA Guitars, IN THE USA… Monteagle, TN. All art work & hand applied 24K Deep Double Gold Leaf … Meticuously hand applied Leaf by Dennis Massa…… * Stunning Workmanship. * Unique One of a Kind. Made by hand by Dennis Massa, Massa Guitars U.S.A * All the holes have been routed for the wires and pickups and holes drilledfor neck plate … ______________________________________________________________________________________________ * Handpainted, designed by : painted by Dennis Massa. ( one of a kind ) this is not mass produced. Individually Numbered Comeswith my COA, serial/file # 1.19.21 & All art paint work is Unique ………Dennis has createdoriginal art, exhibited at the National Arts Club in New York City.Dennis was also pastPresident of the Japanese Sumi-e Society of NY, Long Island Chapter, under thetutelage of Master Sumi-e Artist Mitsuko Bickham.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the Leaf art isprotected and sealed with light coats of my all natural varnish,using my secret familyapplication method,which gives the finisha very transparent look.On mostly all myguitars, I personally mix all colors by hand,using High QualityEnglish Oil paints. Then I apply and blendby hand, using my thumb,fingers and palm toget the desired mix. I use absolutely no brushes at all !Except to put on thetop clear coats, I use very expensive, fine Animal Hair brushes…I use the LeonardoDaVinci Method of blending colorscalled Sfumato,The word sfumato comesfrom the Italian language and is derived from fumo (“smoke”,”fume”). Sfumato translated into English means soft, vague,or blurred. InItalian, the word is used often as an adjective (such as biondo sfumato forpale blonde hair) or as a verb (l’affare è sfumato would mean”the deal has gone up in smoke”).The use of the term(unlike some others) dates back to the period when da Vinci introduced it.The technique is afine shading meant to produce a soft transition between colours and tones, inorder to achieve a more believable image. It is most oftenused by making subtle gradations that do not include lines or borders, fromareas of light to areas of dark.The technique was usednot only to give an elusive and illusionistic rendering of the human face, butalso to create rich atmospheric effects Leonardo Da Vinci,described thetechnique as blending colours, without the use of lines or borders “in themanner of smoke”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comes with my COA, serial/file # 1.19.21………. signed, and bears my corporate Stamp, Masstar Creations Inc. Telecaster Model Body electric ( Fender type Tele Model design). Electric Guitar Body. For sale is Body Only. Made by MASSA Guitars U.S.A Ltd. Edition Model: .999% Pure 24Karat Deep Double Gold Leaf. I hand made this telebody, using 24k Real Gold leaf ……….. I use Giusto Manetti: 100% PURE Gold Leaf & 100% Pure Silver Leaf by GiustoManetti….with German 100% Copper Leaf ……… MANETTI HAS MADE GOLD LEAF SINCE 1820 (THIS IS THE REAL THING FROM ITALY – ) I hand apply the 24K Karat Deep Double Gold Leaf, a much soughtafter, and highly regarded method, as it takes much time and skill toimplement. the Leaf art is protected and sealed with my own all Natural Clear lightcoats of Varnish, using my secret family application method, whichgives the finish a very transparent look. My guitars sound awesome. I only apply very light coats of my all NaturalVarnish to protect art work. My application method, insures you getthe best sound and lots of sustain… Most Guitars have too many coats of poly, urethanes etc, which are plasticbased and just deaden the sound. my guitars sound awesome, as I only apply light coats of an all NaturalVarnish, which lets the guitar wood breath….. Just add your favorite neck, strings & Pickups. ONE OF A KIND, UNIQUE ………….. Stunning &Elegant………. Wood is SOLID Lightweight MAPLE Tone wooe ( Solid Maple – Maple Tone Wood * same maplethat is used to make Violins ) . : weighs only about 2.7 Pounds, very light weight andresonant , When I tapthe body, it is very resonant ,and it makes a nice ringing sound, with hightrebles to bass in the lower part of body. This guitar willhave a great sound and tone. Previous sales reviews from buyers wereexcellent,they said the sound ofmy guitar bodies were awesome, with lots of sustain and resonance… * Comes with my COA with photos: serial/file # 1.19.21, The COA is signed by the maker MASSA, my makers stamp, andbears my Corporate Stamp. * Neck Pocket is DATED AND signedautograph by the maker MASSA, U.S.A. * top lower Rightcorner, below control panel: see My Makers Stamp ( G/A M ) in purple stamp … StampI carved out of an old Champagne Cork… I have to cut the Logo onto thecork, in reverse, then when I print onto the body, it printsthe correctway………….. _______________________________________________________________________ *** pickguard, control panel and bridge pickup area are not included in thisauction. This is for demonstration purposes only. Sale isfor the body only. * Included: Body Only, & signed COA, beautiful …. *Comes with a COA signed by Massa. Certificate also * Designed & Handmade made by MASSA Guitars, IN THE USA. .. Monteagle, TN. All art work & hand applied 24K Deep Double Gold Leaf handapplied Leaf by Dennis Massa…… meticulously hand applied…… Stunning Workmanship. * Guitar Is Hand signed by the Artist MASSA. On the Neck pocket area, andbottom rib …….. and also bears his brand which is stamped onthe top lower right beneath the control panel area … * Will beexpertly Packed for shipment. * Incredibly Artistic Stunning & Elegant A fantastic Playablework of ART ! ……… Just add your favorite Electronics, andNeck….. and a Clear Pickguard * Or, you can put up in a framed display box, and hang on your wall, business,or give it away as a gift, hang it up on a Music Studio, or aRecording Studio, would look amazing … the possibilities are endless * Or Set it up and play it. * Comes with my COA, serial/file # 1.19.21 with photos: TheCOA is signed by the maker MASSA, my makers stamp, and bears my CorporateStamp. * ALL Hand made by MASSA Guitars, IN THE USA. .. Monteagle, TN._________________________________________________________________________________About Artist &Musician Dennis Massa & Historical Guitars by MASSA :………..made byMASSA Guitars, IN THE USA. .. Monteagle, TN.Dennis Massa is atalented Artist & American Singer/Songwriter born in Brooklyn NY. His music is featuredon Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Deezer, CD Baby, and 40 othermajor websites,including his own at………… dennismassa (dot) comDennis’ musical geniushas resulted in original contributions to blues, folk, folk rock, country,alternative,spiritual andinstrumental music, where Dennis writes, composes, sings and plays all of hisown instruments, includingguitar, violin, mandolin & cello. His lyrics have incorporated a wide rangeof political, social, philosophical, and literary influences. Dennis’ earlyworks consist of a vast catalog of his original children’s and circus music,including Wacky Wacky Wabbits, Limber Up forthe Limbo and the Circus is Calling Me, which deliver a refreshing sound tochildren’s music. His # 1 popularselling circus song is “Peanuts Popcorn & Cotton Candy.” Hiscircus songs have been used in theatrical performances by children’sdance troupes. Many of these early works, as well as his catalog ofbaseball songs, were co-written with American iconicartist John Tartaglione of Marvel Comics fame. Dennis and John’s musicalcontributions to the baseballLibrary at Cooperstown, earned them an honorary lifetime membership in theNational Baseball Hall of Fame.Dennis’ song”Only Yogi” was used for a TV show featuring Yogi Berra. Dennisalso donated a song featured onBaseball CD: Diamond Cuts Compilation, along with Paul Simon, George Winston& others.In addition to writingsongs and composing music, Dennis specializes in the art of violin makingand has made,bought, sold andcontinues to repair violins. A true Renaissance man, in his spare time, Dennis buys andsells art of all kinds. He also makes Electric Guitars. Dennis creates originalJapanese Sumi-e water color art,which have beenexhibited at the National Arts Club in New York City.Dennis was also pastPresident of the Japanese Sumi-e Society of NY, Long Island Chapter, under thetutelage of Master Sumi-e Artist Mitsuko Bickham.Dennis has a in Theology from Lipscomb University in Nashville where he also studiedancient languages and psychology.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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